The Pen is Mightier than the Sword. Really?

Edward Bulwer-Lytton would be turning in his grave (if he was still there after all this time). For those not aware Edward coined this phrase in 1939 for his play Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy.

So why am I bringing this up now? well I am going to show you what happens when the power of the pen goes directly to a person’s head. Do you remember the blog I posted on JCD? Good, that’ll save us some time.

I recieve a copy of an email today and in it was HUGELY inaccurate and libelous statements made against a person I have known personally for a long time. I am going to post that email right here.

Let me give you just a brief synopsis of the story so far:

My friend spotted a seemingly genuine petition that involved a pitbull type dog in her area. She has always fought the laws against BSL (as have the majority of you reading this blog):

(note: even though I dont usually sign online petitions, I did not want this dog euthanised, as stated in the petition, in rather large and bold letters).

The petition in question was investigated further by this lady, to see if there was anyway to mediate between the parties concerned (and by that I mean the gentleman already tried and found guilty and the people whose address was also included in the updates on the same petition). The original thread is here:

Ok, so that’s as much as I am going into here. What I wanted to do was send a personal message to Jenna whateverhernameis (two name changes in a week, remind you of anyone?). This is the email I received from a third party:


I seriously have to wonder how this load of old pish could possibly be mightier than a sword? Surely its only function is to wipe your arse on? Well, ok, I started this so let’s set the story straight for those who are still pretending to be clueless (or maybe its not pretense, who knows?)

A little bit ‘off” ?? No, sorry I do not ‘catch your drift’ perhaps you could stop fannying about and just say it in plain english?

Every Dogs Mom is NOT a Facebook page. The Facebook page is called Everything Worth Knowing I learned from my Dog.

The only ‘suggestion’ is that Janette actually gets her experience from a hands on approach with dogs.

Gossip Dog is NOT a website. Its a Facebook page with a Blog. Oh dear. You seem to be losing the modicum of sanity you might once have possessed at some point.

Yes the PAGE is dedicated to outing bad people. THAT’S stated in the ‘About Us’ section of the Facebook PAGE.

Janette ALWAYS gets both sides. You chose to post YOUR side on your petition. Get over it.

Jenna honey, you actually ARE an idiot if you truly believe you will get away with the sanctimous crap you spout on your updates. Really, its called bullying and you ought to stop letting your friends at LAG do your talking for you.

Janette has dedicted her life to nothing more than helping dogs. YOU, however are doing a great job of showing people just WHO is ‘slandering and harrassing’. Well done you. You must be so proud.

Janette is NOT a defendant in ANY lawsuit. Just because you say it’s true, doesn’t make it so. You should brush up on SLAPP suits. I have a feeling one may be coming your way VERY soon.

You admit you don’t know her, so how can you possibly send these emails out about her to any and everyone everyday?? You must have NO life that you can try to impinge on some-one else’s, a complete stranger to you as well. Wow.

‘Invited into the home of the people who originally reported my dog’?? Funny, earlier in this very email you said ‘she sticks her nose in’. In a previous update, you went so far as to say she located their address (not hard given that you sent it out) and just turned up? So which is it? Invited or intruded?

‘I am ignoring Janette Teresa Hamilton’. Really?? When are you doing that exactly? In between sending out daily emails and updates or just when you are sleeping?

‘Tried to contact’. How hard did they try exactly? The blog is open to comments. Three of your ‘supporters’ (hi to Racy at this point. Spotted you a mile away) were on the Gossip Dog page just yesterday, engaging in conversations with Janette and the admin. I was there too.

I have asked this question (as has Janette) several times without a response. Possibly its too difficult for you to answer and that is fine, but maybe, being a cyberbully, you simply haven’t the TIME to compose a straightforward answer, although IF you did, all this would go away:

‘He [Dean Lackey] stated he is no longer euthanizing our dog’ – erm…ok… why is the petition still active, and why are you still putting updates on there? (the word moron may be about to pop up, fair warning).

This is SO typical of LAG behaviour that I don’t even NEED to ask who your ‘new’ friends are.

I am a tad vexed right now friends, so I will post the rest of the email later (oh yes, there is a LOT more from Jenna) and I will state, just for the record, I have known Janette personally for a long time and given the choice, I will support her 100% all the way. You may not like it, but so what? I was quite happy to let Janette deal with this herself, but sorry, I can’t let a vindictive no mark like you Jenna carry on. Back soon x


7 Responses to “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword. Really?”

  1. Thank you Jetz. It is unbelievable to me that this woman can contradict herself so many times in the same update. She clearly has absolutely NO moral compass! As you say it is clear our friends at LAG have jumped on the opportunity to use Jenna in their vendetta against those of us who speak out against them. Too bad the woman doesn’t understand or comprehend when others are using her to further their own ends.

  2. Colleen McKoy Says:

    Unfreaking believable. I was going to respond to her again, but seriously is it worth the effort. If the peition “worked” as she likes to imply, then was it really so difficult to get in touch with the people who offered assistance and say, hey, thanks ! I appreciate the offer for help, but guess what? Good news! Can I keep your name as a reference in case I need it in the future?

    Oops then again I shouldn’t assume people should use common sense, that’s just, well it’s just bloody wishful thinking is what I have learned. Janette knows I support her, and will continue to do so.

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